Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: What is My | Alembic ?

Q: Can I access My | Alembic when I am out of station ?

Q: What if I am using a browser but still can't use My | Alembic ?

Q: What is a browser?

Q: What is a Cookie?

Q: What if I can get on any other site, but not My | Alembic?

Q: If I can't connect, how often can I retry?


Q. What is My | Alembic ?

A : My | Alembic is a password-protected, online Intranet developed and maintained by IT department, Alembic Limited. This dynamic, interactive web application offers the best medium for Corporate Communication. Access is available to registered employees of Alembic Limited (and group companies).

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Q : Can I access My | Alembic when I am out of station ?

A : Yes, you can access My Alembic anywhere in the world, on Internet. The Internet access could be through dial-up or leased line connected to your computer. You may access My Alembic by visiting even a Cyber-café.

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Q: What if I am using a browser but still can't use My Alembic ?

A: The My Alembic Website has used standard internet languages to provide heightened functionality to the web site. While most people use Internet Explorer, Netscape browser may also be used with some minor problems. If you have a current web browser with Cookies enabled, and still can not gain access to My Alembic please Email to the following address: myalembic@alembic.co.in

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Q: What is a browser?

A: Web Browser - A Web browser is a software application that is used to view Web pages.

POP3 (Post Office Protocol - Version 3) - a method of delivering your e-mail so that you can log in and retrieve it whenever you choose. When you are receiving mail you use a POP Account to retrieve messages from the server.

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) - used for sending e-mail to or between servers. When you send mail you are using SMTP to send the message to the mail server.

ISP (Internet Service Provider) - the company that gives you access to the Internet. There are thousands of ISP's and each has different features, most bill by time, and some have unlimited access.

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Q: What is a cookie?

A: A cookie is simply a piece of information associated with a particular page or web site. It has a name, a value, and an expiration date, and is stored on your computer in a small text file.

Cookies are not programs and can cause no damage to your computer or existing information on your computer. Only the web site which with the cookie is associated can access and use the cookie information. Cookies are typically used to save preferences and settings for a web site between visits. Examples are: user names, passwords etc.


To enable Cookies:

For Netscape Communicator/Navigator 4.0:

Click Preferences under the Edit menu

Look at the Advanced folder

Click 'Accept all cookies'

Click 'Ok' to close the window and apply your changes.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6:

Click Internet Options under the Tools menu

Look at the Privacy tab

Make sure that the slider control is set to "Medium" or lower

Click OK

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Q: What if I can get on any other site, but not My Alembic ?

A: It may seem like My Alembic is the only site you cannot connect to, but any other web site that uses our standards will have identical requirements. Requiring recent browser versions, and using cookies are common to many internet sites, and if you believe you have met these requirements but still have technical problems, you are welcome to contact our support staff through the My Alembic support e-mail address: myalembic@alembic.co.in We will gladly assist you through any technical difficulties. If you are unsure of the technical requirements, please refer to the other questions in this FAQ which define in detail each of these requirements.

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Q: If I can't connect, how often can I retry?

A: While the internet is considered to be reliable and stable, there can be a number of technical problems that will make any web page be unavailable for some period of time. If you have a problem getting connected to My Alembic, and you are not receiving some specific error message, then the problem may be temporary and you will be able to connect to the site again fairly soon. There is no issue as to how often you retry, and you will not create a problem in your system, or "tie up" anything with the Internet or your service provider. Just keep retrying as often as you wish. Keep in mind that if yours is a temporary problem, it could be caused by the remote server, an Internet connection, your internet service provider (ISP), a bad phone line, etc. Everyone experiences these occasionally, but it should not be the norm for you.

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